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Top 10 Badges for March 2020

With their Badgepacks this month, our Badgers displayed their valor with our collection of Military badges and hoped for strength and luck drawing on symbols across many cultures.

1. Handmade Military Guards Crest Bullion

Respect for our army, people who protect us and keep us safe has led to surge of making Handmade Military Guards Crest Bullion Badge the best selling Badge this month. It helps when your favorite actors wears them on their lapels. Tom Cruise in Top Gun is going to be a permanent image seared in our brains.

2. Golden Fleur De Lis

Military symbols reinforce the idea that our sovereignty & territorial integrity is intact. Having emerged after the Napoleonic wars, the Fleur De Les has been adopted globally as a symbol of prince, bravery and elegance.

3. Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon, a mythical creature of legendary stories symbolises power, power and good luck for people who are worthy of it. And we all could definitely do with the extra luck that may come with keeping this auspicious symbol on our BadgePacks.


4. Chinese Pig

Twelfth of the zodiac, the Pig represents wealth and overall good fortune. For all our badgers, may the Pig bring peace and love to all those who carry it, as well as some extra wealth!

5. Koi Fish

A symbol of perseverance and strength of purpose, the Koi Fish Badge on your bag is a great way to share you strength of strong resolve with the rest of the world.


6. Sad To Death

This badge has consistently made it to our best seller list! Appeals to the self aware post modernist amongst all of us.

7. The Sun

Adds a tint of extra happiness and warmth to every bag its placed on, the sun badge was a last stretch effort to hold on to the joys of summer past as we head into a colder winter.


8. Tiger Face

The face of fashion, environmentalism and fierocity, this tiger face means so much to so many different badgers- who with this iconography show off many different facets of their beliefs to the world.

9. Crystal Jellyfish

Made up of individual strands of carefully handmade beads, the crystal jellyfish is beautiful addition of bling, which you can almost see the crystal starfish badge come to life and move as a badge on your BadgePack.


10. Velvet Clover

Who doesn’t need a bit of luck! According to Irish folklore, four leaf clover brought in a lot of good luck. For those who discover, each leaf symbolises good omens like faith, hope, love and luck for the finder.

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